We are aware of the fact that we must look after the place we live and be respectful by protecting our planet, not only for us, but for future generations. Taking all that into account the fulfillment of environmental rules is a basic aspect in our philosophy.

We have SGS certificates under ISO 14001 standard in our headquarters. On the roof of our factories we have set up 8,400 solar panels which generate 40% of the energy consumption of our production plants.

We perform an energy saving policy in all our production processes.

It is really important to Ajusa to ensure that our organization gives benefits not only for us but also for the rest of the society. Offering a greater commitment than that which we are required is an additional guaranty for the market and for our organization.

The performance of business ethics that defines the commitment of our company to its environment is carried out daily promoting responsible attitudes, optimizing work systems and making the corporation beneficial for everyone involved in its operation.


Integration of environment protection to every decision and processes of the company.

Provide with the necessary resources to fulfill the current Environmental Policy.

Personnel education, training and motivation, so that they perform their activities being respectful with the environment.

Fulfillment of the environmental legislation in force and other requirements subscribed by the company.

Evaluation of the environmental impact before undertaking an activity or a new project and before stopping the activity in any premise or leave a production center.

Designing and offering of products and services which contribute to the conservancy of resources and energy, reducing waste materials and minimizing the use of hazardous products.

Performance and support of investigations over environmental impact of materials, products, processes, spillages and waste materials related to the activity with a constant commitment with the prevention of pollution.

Constant promotion of the adoption of the current Environmental Policy by suppliers of products and services, collaborating with them to solve any possible difficulty they may be presented.




AJUSA Company is compromised with the Environmental protection, with the health  and security of its employees, customers and neighbouring.


For the achievement of this commitment the following Environmental Policy is defined:.


              I.- To integrate the Environmental protection in all management and procedures of the Company.


II.- To educate, train and motivate all the Company people with the purpose they work in a responsible way regarding to the Environment.


III.- To obey the Environmental legislation in force and other requirements subscribed by the Company.


IV.- To evaluate the Environmental impact before starting a new activity or a new project and also before finishing any activity or before abandoning a production centre.


V.- To design and offer products and services which help to the conservation of resources and energy, reducing the quantity of waste and eliminating the use of toxic products.


VI.- To advise and train to our distributors and customers on the right use of our products in order to minimise the Environmental impact.


VII.- To make and support the investigations on Environmental impact of our materials, products, spills and waste related with our industrial activity, with a continuos compromise in the prevention of the pollution.


VIII.- To evaluate periodically the obtaining of the Company Environmental targets in order to get a continuos improvement.


IX.- To promote the adoption of the present Policy for our suppliers of products and services, collaborating with then in the possible difficulties in their implantation.



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The assembly of the oil feed pipe
AJUSA explains step by step the assembly of the oil feed pipe. In addition, in the YouTube channel of AJUSA, our mechanic explains how to carry out the repair on a real engine.

Ajusa is OE Quality.

We work to achieve the excellence. We have AENOR certificates under ISO 9001 and ISO/TS16949 standards. This reflects our commitment to quality and it means an additional guaranty to our clients.