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Ajusa, in its expansion project, considers the importance of being part of international organizations such as we show below.


CLEPA (Comité de liaison européen des fabricants déquipements et de pièces automobiles) was created in 1959 by various national associations representing automotive suppliers with the aim of establishing a representation office in Brussels, dealing mainly with the issue of technical regulations that the newly born European Economic Community was starting to define.
CLEPA then became the European Association of Automotive Suppliers and extended dramatically both its range of activities and its membership, including corporate members.

Group leading parts distribution and automotive services.
Group Auto Union was founded in 1990 with 3 members representing France, Spain and Germany. Nowadays gathers national groups of independent distributors around common international strategies, takes into account the diversity of its members, respects the freedom of action of its members, encourages self-discipline, promotes the use of original equipment or matching quality parts, develops the loyalty of its members towards approved suppliers.
“The strength of a group is always superior to the sum of the forces of the individuals who compose it.”


This organization aims to represent the industry before national and international, public and private.
It also aims to carry out a work of AWARENESS in public opinion and in the Administration of the problems affecting the sector.
Responsible for communicating and informing partners of all issues that may affect their industries, to have the best information and can make the best decisions.
They advise members on issues that affect them and on how to promote Components Industry within and outside Spain, to achieve increased business in enterprises.

Temot International as organisation identifies and deploys synergies, accumulates and shares know-how and interacts intensively, both bilaterally and multilaterally. The quest to add value in the Automotive Aftermarket is pursued through its serious networking, procurement, data management, garage concepts and systems and public affairs.

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The assembly of the oil feed pipe
AJUSA explains step by step the assembly of the oil feed pipe. In addition, in the YouTube channel of AJUSA, our mechanic explains how to carry out the repair on a real engine.

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