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Posted by AJUSA: June 1th, 2018

AJUSA maintains a firm commitment to its environment and to the most disadvantaged sectors of its community. The objective of the Albacete company, socially responsible, focuses on recognizing and supporting entities that work with a social purpose. The Corporate Social Responsibility policy practiced in AJUSA has an international character and covers different sectors.


In its social commitment policy, AJUSA includes measures of collaboration with its most direct environment. It takes into account the most disadvantaged sectors of society and contributes to their improvement by participating in the actions that various associations carry out to raise funds. We share the upcoming events in which we will participate, as well as the latest actions in which AJUSA has been present.



Corrida de Toros Asprona


AJUSA is one of the companies that will collaborate in the Corrida de Toros anuela organized by Asprona. The event will be held in the bullring of Albacete on June 16 at 7 p.m. in the afternoon and will serve to raise funds for this association.


The mission of ASPRONA is to help people with intellectual disabilities to develop their quality of life project, as well as to promote their inclusion as a full citizen in a just and supportive society.




VII Water Race to benefit UNICEF


AJUSA put its drop of water collaborating in the School School of Water that UNICEF organized in Albacete. More than 400 schoolchildren of different ages participated in this event, which aims to raise funds to bring water to colleges in Niger.


The sporting event also aims to raise awareness among citizens about the problems of not having access to drinking water and its consequences in developing countries.


The Director of Human Resources of AJUSA, Juan Cifuentes, was one of those in charge of rewarding the effort and solidarity of all the participants, giving them a diploma.








II Concentration of ham cutters for the benefit of ACEPAIN


AJUSA was one of the companies that collaborated in the II edition of cutters of ham, which was held in Albacete to benefit the ACEPAIN association.



All the money raised went to cancer research.





II Red Cross graffiti exhibition


AJUSA also collaborates with the social actions carried out by the Red Cross in the community to raise society’s awareness of various social issues.


17 artists from different parts of Spain made graffiti related to the theme "Red Cross and Childhood" during one day. The event was held in the park Aberlardo Sánchez de Albacete and had parallel activities for children and youth.


This initiative aims to involve society with the childhood projects that take place annually in the Red Cross.









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