AJUSA recognizes the commitment of its employees

Posted by AJUSA: February 26th, 2018

The Executive Vice President of AJUSA, José Manuel Martínez Sánchez, has handed a memorial plaque to the seven employees who in 2018 celebrate their 25th birthday at the company.


The human capital of AJUSA is one of the main values that guarantee the international excellence of the company in the automotive sector. For this reason, AJUSA does an annual recognition for employees who have been with the company for 25 years.


2018 is a record year. This year, the Executive Vice President of AJUSA, José Manuel Martínez Sánchez, has handed seven memorial plaques. He appreciated the effort and work of these workers.


The event, held at the headquarters of AJUSA, was also attended by the general director Jesús Giménez Murcia, and the Human Resources director, Juan Cifuentes. They also thanked and highlighted the work of these employees during their 25 years at the Company.

José Manuel Gregorio Sánchez 

 Juan Antonio Gualda Murcia 

Pedro Robles Honrubia 



Bienvenido López Relucio 

Antonio Monteagudo Verdejo 

Antonio Javier Sánchez Cuerda 

José Luis Moya López 


 The AJUSA family appreciates the involvement and effort that these employees has shown during these 25 yearsTHANK YOU!






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