AJUSA elaborates video tutorials to manage the TecAlliance online catalog

Posted by Ajusa: October 4th, 2017


  • Video tutorials that explain in a brief and simple way the management of this web catalog, which includes the AJUSA references.
  • You can find each spare part by searching for the vehicle technical data, engine code, TecDoc Type Nº, AJUSA part number, competitors part number, OEM part number and VIN.
  • TecAlliance, formerly TecDoc, is the world’s largest automotive database with more than 108,000 different types of vehicles and 6,000,000 million articles.




AJUSA offers eight practical video tutorials about the management of the TecAlliance web catalog (former TecDoc). The videos explains it in a brief and simple way. TecAlliance helps the mechanics and the automotive professionals sector  identify the vehicles (passenger cars and industrial) and the selection of spare parts suitable for each model. The catalog also includes images of all references and additional information on maintenance and repair work, such as the AJUSA TIPS.


The AJUSA catalog references are included in TecAlliance. In the video tutorials that AJUSA has developed for you, we explain step by step how to search for any of our engine components: head gaskets,  gasket sets , cylinder head bolts, turbo fitting kits, hydraulic lifters, camshafts and oil feed pipes.


Helps you find the replacement that your vehicle needs.

In each video tutorial, we explain a different way to search the aftermarket component. Here are the different options:



1. Search by vehicle technical data.  

2. Search by engine code.  

3. Search by TecDoc Type No.  

4. Search by AJUSA part number.  

5. Search by VIN.  

6. Search by OEM part reference.  

7. Search by reference of the competitors

8. Search by AJUSA Online Catalog. You can access the TecAlliance catalog directly from the AJUSA website ( In addition, you can also download it in PDF and consult the general and turbo components AJUSA catalog. 

All videos are available on AJUSA Youtube Channel. Enter and discover the new service that AJUSA offers you to facilitate the search of the spare parts for your car.




If you have seen the videos, write a comment on the social networks and tell us if you have found it useful. Do not forget to share if you have found them interesting.





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